Sartoria a Milano

Boutique Sanvenero - Milano

Via Francesco Sforza

3, 20122 Milano MI, Italy

Monday – Saturday

10.30 – 19.30




+39 02 5512982


At Via Francesco Sforza 3, the newest atelier opened in early 2024 and designed in line with the image of our other ateliers, you will find a line of ready-made garments developed with the best pattern making studied over the years, featuring workwear and weekend jackets, shirts designed for the office, and more comfortable sweaters for a casual look.
In the new Sanvenero Boutique, you will also find the same bespoke garment offerings, with the tailoring workshop downstairs crafting suits, jackets, trousers, and shirts, as well as making small repairs to ready-made garments when needed.

Being street-facing, you can visit us anytime without an appointment. We look forward to seeing you!

Realization Times

Suits: 4-8 weeks

Sanvenero Milano offers modern and extremely up-to-date suits with the finest quality of traditional tailoring.
We accompany you in the choice of model and in the selection of our prestigious fabrics and materials. Each garment is exclusive and fully customizable, from the choice of yarn and linings to the type of buttoning, from lapels to the internal label decorated with name and surname or initials.

Shirts: 3-4 weeks

The Sanvenero shirt is modeled on the proportions and your physicality. After identifying the most suitable model and shape, you can choose the fabric you prefer from a wide range of cottons from the best cotton mills –Canclini, Albini, Thomas Maison– and can personalize the garment by choosing the collars, cuffs, the color of the yarn and having his initials embroidered.

Ties: 3-4 weeks

The tie is a timeless accessory, continually revisited in elegant variations that are always different – it is a mirror of its time and the fashions of the period, as well as an essential element of men’s clothing. Strictly handmade and customizable, the Sanvenero tie is the essential accessory for the elegant man.

Shoes, suspenders, pochette:

You can choose from a wide assortment available in our Savona Atelier. All items are designed to be matched with any made-to-measure garment.

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