How we work


Sanvenero made-to-measure tailoring is dedicated to all those who want style and elegance, without compromise on the uniqueness and quality of their clothes. Our garments are mirrors of those who wear them.

With the support of our style advisors, you will have full access to a wide range of combinations of design options, fabrics, accessories, and lining for your perfect suit. Our master tailors will devote themselves to the creation of the dress by taking measurements directly on you; once in the workshop, they will baste the model, sewing it then by machine and adding the final touches with care, ensuring the final fitting and delivery in a month of the highest quality and precision garment.


The bespoke suit is the male tailored garment par excellence.
In addition to the elegance and comfort ensured by a perfectly fitting garment, bespoke tailoring service offers the finest quality of artisanal handmade tailoring.
You will be able to define the style of the dress by customizing every detail: an infinite variety of possible combinations of fabrics, linings, yarns, lapels, pockets, slits, buttons. Together, we will design and create a garment that completely reflects and satisfies its wearer. Our master tailors will dedicate more than fifty hours of their utmost precision and attention to the cutting, construction and assembly of every single element. You will keep track of the progress of our workshop by returning to the Atelier for fittings, starting with the “Telina” fitting, in which we will make your model with a canvas fabric. Once tried and confirmed, we will start cutting with the chosen fabric and the sewing of the suit. Before finishing it, an “Advanced”fitting will be made in which our tailors will check that everything is perfect and finally the “Final” fitting with delivery in about two months.


At any special event, such as your wedding or an important business dinner, it is essential to look your best, in a way that enhances you and makes you feel confident. Sanvenero’s stylistic consulting service will guide you in the choice of an elegant and unforgettable outfit: from buttons to lining, from shirt to pants, you will be able to match garments and accessories, supported by true experts in fashion and menswear. Do you want a traditional model, such as the classic tuxedo for men, are you looking for an original idea that will leave a mark, or do you want a classic look that will still exude uniqueness and character? Thanks to our wide selection of fabrics, accessories, tailored shirts, jackets and ties, you can compose your evening or formal suit in all its details, ensuring that your look truly reflects you.