sanvenero storia

Book your appointment at our Atelier, on the day and at the time you prefer – our style advisors will advise and guide you in your choices for the realization of your custom suit.

For over one hundred and thirty years, Sanvenero has been making custom-made suits and accessories for men’s fashion with the utmost attention to the wearer’s taste and needs.

Our story begins in 1880 in Savona, when the Sanvenero family opened an activity of shop of high quality fabrics. With the passing of the years, the Atelier expands its ambitions and becomes the reference artisan workshop of haute couture tailoring for men in the city. Today, Sanvenero maintains its family and artisan traditions: represented by the new generation, it combines over one hundred and thirty years of history and experience with the constant innovation of stylistic research in line with new trends. Since 2016 Sanvenero has a showroom in the center of Milan where it is possible to live the unique experience of creating a tailored garment in a cozy, elegant and relaxing environment.

In the Sanvenero ateliers, contemporary and timeless men’s garments are made. Whether it’s a formal dress, a shirt or a pair of blue jeans, the process is meticulous and guarantees the creation of a unique and exclusive product.
The dress is studied entirely together with the customer who will wear it, to reflect in all its personality and style: from the choice of the model to the inner lining, from the shoulder to the shape of the lapel, pockets, finishes, decorative embroidery. You can choose from hundreds of fabrics and an infinite variety of buttons and linings, so that every detail reflects the taste of the wearer and tells of the professionalism and passion with which it was made.